Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Robbie's birth and first few weeks while G-ma was here

He's here!!!  Robbie's here!!!  He's FINALLY here!!!
Robert Kesko Duke
January 12, 2017 (my mom's birthday buddy)
7:40 am
6 lb. 11 oz.
20 in.
I brought the computer with every intention of posting pictures from the hospital, but Robbie's birth came with a healthy dose of surprise, shock, fear, and uncertainty once he came out with misshapen legs that folded up to his face and didn't bend properly, a smaller left arm in spasm position, and also wasn't breathing. I couldn't see what was happening from behind my C-section curtain, but the flurry of activity of the medical staff and Autrey's reaction told me everything was not smooth sailing.  And things didn't slow down after that.  Robbie went right to the NICU and it was a long time before Autrey and my mom were able to go see him.  Even longer for me because I couldn't move my head without getting dizzy for quite a while (but this was the first time I didn't throw up after delivery -- yay!)  We stayed at Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital-Alliance until the morning of the 15th, then we were transferred by Teddy Bear Transport ambulance to Cook Children's Hospital to their NICU.  They did all sorts to testing and evaluations on Robbie.  Autrey took off work and stayed with us the entire time.  I'm really glad because I was still in a lot of pain and couldn't do a lot for myself, plus I was glad he was there for emotional support.  Autrey was also very emotional about the situation, but we had each other for reinforcement.  After it was determined that Robbie was stable and his treatments were all going to be outpatient they let us go home the night of the 17th. So far Robbie has had a bunch of appointments since we left both hospitals with the pediatrician, geneticist, urologist, and Early Childhood Intervention specialists.  I'm really glad my mom extended her stay until February 4 so she could help me out and drive to all appointments since I wasn't healing fast enough to be allowed to drive.  She was a HUGE help feeding him bottles of my pumped milk every 2 hours so I could sleep!  Tomorrow we go to Scottish Rite pediatric orthopedic hospital to meet with a specialist about his legs and spine, and another specialist about his left arm.  These are the appointments I am most eager about.  Basically, I haven't posted pictures or shared a lot of information because it's been a crazy few weeks and I've been on pain killers until a few days ago...but mostly because I knew it would spark questions I wasn't able to answer.  I'm still not able to answer them, but I'm emotionally ready to talk about the situation without crying.  The unknown can be scary but I know Robbie came to our family as he is for a reason.  I also feel blessed that we live close to world renowned experts that can help him, Autrey has a background in Physical Therapy, and I am able to stay home and give him the extra time and attention he will require.  Our family is perfect to help him thrive and we love him so much!
*Pictures from my camera:
Headed to the hospital for the C-section at 5:15 am:

Warning: graphic birth pictures ahead. Consider yourself warned:



Birthday buddy snuggle:

Dylan and Colton meeting Robbie.  I love their shirts I ordered:
  Playing doctor (aka don't get the baby sick):

Look up video on YouTube: "Robbie's first recorded smile before leaving the hospital"
Heading home from Cook Children's:
 Doing footprints on a keepsake baseball:
 First bath at home.  Robbie got a lung exercise, let's put it that way:
Look up video on YouTube: "Robbie's 1st bath in the sink with G-ma"



 2nd bath, after umbilical cord fell off:

  I took these pictures yesterday in the baseball outfit, Feb 7.  He's almost 4 weeks:


*These pictures were taken on my phone:

 We went to lunch at Dylan's school the day before Robbie was born:
Before I changed into the hospital gown: 
 We had movie night in my hospital room with the boys.  Colton kept coming over to where Robbie was sleeping to check on him.  So sweet!
 Following the Teddy Bear Transport ambulance to Cook Children's:

 Allyson and Hayley came to visit and have lunch with us at the hospital.  Too bad kids under 3 weren't allowed up in the NICU so she couldn't see Robbie: 
Dylan and Colton went to Build a Bear at the hospital and made "Blazing Bronco" for Robbie:

 Ready to be discharged:
 Proud Boymom!
 Headed home:

 1 week post surgery check up for me with Dr. White.  I look way better than I felt that day:

 Mimi and Papa came up to meet Robbie:
 And Hayley finally got to see the baby:

Carra Goold threw me a baby shower/diaper shower:
I forgot to get a group picture, but Carra took this candid:

 G-ma practiced the piano with Dylan the entire time she was here.  I love that you can see the Lego temples she brought for Dylan to build:
 Tommy was baptized on Saturday, the day mom flew home:
Robbie slept the entire time:
 He knows he looks good in his first big boy outfit.  His pants kept hiking up, and he had to wear socks because it was chilly outside and the shoes were too big, but the old man look is pretty endearing:

 Hayley wanted to help feed him:

  *These pictures were off of mom's phone:
Birthday scrubs before delivery:

 She took the boys to church while I was in the hospital:
 There was a storm one night while Aut and I were still at Cook Children's.  Colt plugged his ears with the blankets: 

 1st night home:

 Sunbathing the bilirubin away:

Turkey Tom came to visit:

 We were so excited how relaxed Robbie's legs were at the geneticist appointment:

 Night feeding selfie fun:

 Last day lunch with the boys:

We're so glad Robbie is here and our family is complete.  This dream has been 3 years in the making. We are so grateful for all of the love, support, and prayers especially during these last few weeks!